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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds


Consultancy services

Our company has been selected by the ROMANIAN COMMERCIAL BANK SA (the Bank - EU Office ) to collaborate in a joint effort aimed at supporting companies and public administrations in getting access to EU Structural and Cohesion Funds and/or internal BCR funds. In this respect, a Co-operation Agreement has been concluded in July 2007 between PROMESO Consulting and the Bank.

Clients opting for our consultancy and training services will be assisted in the process of obtaining the necessary financing for their projects and subsequent management.



Our company put at the disposal of public and private clients consultancy services for accessing European post-accession funds (Structural Funds, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Community programmes) and for successfully managing the projects financed out of these funds in the following areas:

  1. - Productive investment
  2. - Information technology
  3. - Energy
  4. - Tourism
  5. - Environment protection
  6. - Agriculture and rural development
  7. - Culture
  8. - Human resources development
  9. - Public administration.


During the project development phase, we provide:

  1. - Information on available financing sources (all European post-accession funds and governmental programmes)
  2. - Consultancy for checking out the eligibility of applicants, project and partners
  3. - Consultancy in writing Requests for Financing and corresponding documentation
  4. - Consultancy for the financial planning of the project

During the project implementation phase, we provide:

  1. - Consultancy in project pre-financing and co-financing instruments, public procurement procedures, project financial management, technical and financial monitoring, reporting to the financier, risk management, managerial communication within the project team
  2. - Assistance in the relationship with the financier
  3. - Project management

Other associated services:

  1. - Participatory design of local community development strategies
  2. - Consultancy for the design and implementation of an efficient public information and consultation process in case of big investment projects
  3. - Training for the identification, writing and management of projects financed out of European and Government funds, see



Our team of consultants has an experience of 15 years in the identification, formulation, management, evaluation and selection of projects financed by the European Union (Phare, SAPARD, Structural Funds, Community programmes), being composed of international and Romanian experts certified in European affairs and project management, who worked in the European Commission and who supervised, managed and evaluated projects amounting to hundreds millions of Euro. The team has also experience in working with the Managing Authorities and Intermediary Bodies of European programmes, being knowledgeable of the EU financing philosophy and benefiting of accurate and up-to-date information on the matter.



In order to obtain non-reimbursable European funds, you may request our professional consultancy services, provided in three phases, as follows:

  1. 1) Evaluation-diagnosis of your project idea and of its implementation context. Checking out compliance with general eligibility criteria. 0.5-day workshop with the Client’s management team; signature of confidentiality contract with the Client.


2) Project proposal writing

  1. - Identification of financing opportunities and possible partners. We will recommend you adequate non-reimbursable financing opportunities for your project idea. We will put you in contact with partner organisations in order to maximise the chances of getting financing for your project proposal and we will keep you informed about new financing opportunities.
  2. - Presentation of financing information, establishment of the work plan and responsibilities of all parties involved. 0.5-day workshop with the counterpart team designated by the management of our Client.
  3. - Writing the Request for Financing. We will deploy a team of consultants who will work with the Client for the development of all required documentation (Request for financing and annexes: business plan, cost-benefit analyses, feasibility studies, impact studies, market studies, economic-financial analyses, etc., as the case). We will assist you in the relationship with the financier and in negotiating the financing contract.


  1. 3) Training and consultancy in project management. Once financing contract is concluded, we will train you in public procurement, monitoring and reporting systems, risk management, building up the project team, financial management We will assist the project team in the successful implementation of the project according to the financier’s procedures, including coaching for the project manager/co-ordinator. The training and consultancy in public procurement will help you both in the implementation of your own projects and winning tenders for the provision of supplies/services/works in projects managed by other organisations (as sub-contractor). 



For a detailed presentation of our consultancy services, please contact us by phone 021 3211742, 021 3272857, 031 4024719 or by e-mail


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