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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

Promeso provides specialist expertise in:
  • organizational development
  • education and training
  • regional development and social cohesion
  • outplacement initiatives
  • active employment measures
  • social protection for vulnerable groups
Themes in our work include:


Strategic planning, including visioning, stakeholders' analysis, mission statement, assessment of current situation, identification of key issues and key goals, formulation of strategies and objectives setting. For example, the workshops on strategic planning held in October and December 2003 for the Regional Development Agency North-East.
"The training courses delivered by Promeso Consulting helped us to strengthen our institution and take important steps in achieving our goals. In fact, the development of the strategic plan was one of the most important step in defining Agency's vision and mission. We are very pleased of what we have done together",Constantin Apostol, Director General, Regional Development Agency North-East.
"Although time was short and issues discussed were many and important, the strategic planning workshop that I attended was so structured as to attain its goal in full. The activity in working groups provided the opportunity for each and every participant to express his opinion, to identify his place and role within the Technical Secretariat and the County Comission for Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion and to better understand how important is the co-ordination of all stakeholders’ efforts. I appreciate the facilitators’ hard work after the workshop hours, their professionalism and "clear mind" that put things on the right track. We leave the workshop with a clear and realistic vision on social issues existing in our county and a strong motivation to solve them.",Mariana Tulai, Senior Counsellor, Bistrita-Nasaud Prefecture
"Even if I knew about some planning elements, this workshop helped me to understand them in their depth and to become aware of the importance of the team work. I may now confirm that I am able to draft the strategic development plan for my commune based on a thorough poverty assessment. I enjoyed the working methods of Promeso Consulting and the way the workshop objectives were achieved. If team work is employed, the number of poor people from Bistrita Nasaud county and Lesu respectively will considerably diminish.",Nicolae Lupsan, mayor of Lesu commune, Bistrita Nasaud county
Integrated training programmes combining acquisition of skills and knowledge with attitude development exercises in order to increase confidence and build commitment for continuous institutional development. We delivered, for instance, complex training programmes for the Regional Development Agencies in North-East, South Muntenia and South-East and their partners to strengthen their institutional capacity.
Read participants' testimonies about our training courses here
Cross-cultural training designed to enable foreign managers, project leaders and business executives who (intend to) have international assignments to master the Romanian market opportunities and adjust to our national "do's and taboo's".

Human resources development Promeso provides practical management solutions and instruments aimed to improve staff performance toward accomplishing organizational mission and objectives: staff recruitment and selection, customized training programs, coaching, job analysis, staff performance assessment, career development counselling, motivation and retention of key-personnel, human resources audit.
"Promeso has been working with Enterprise plc on several economic development projects which are funded by the international donor community. In particular, over the past three years, Promeso has worked on the "Local & Regional Partnership Development" Project in North East Romania and the project which has provided support to the Regional Development Agency in South Muntenia. During this period, Promeso has worked in a highly professional way, and has made a very positive contribution to our work. We should be delighted to recommend Promeso", Dominic de Prochnow, Head of International Business, Enterprise plc (UK)
Needs Assessment to inform design and development of complex projects at national and regional level or particular projects tailored to the individual needs of an organisation. For instance, we have carried out a needs assessment on child rights for a EC-UNICEF financed project in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States.
"I want to congratulate Camelia and the PROMESO team for the excellent job they did on the Needs Assessment. Congratulations on a very serious, substantive job that will not only guide the project but serve as a resource for all our work in the region!", Robert Cohen, Regional Communication Advisor, UNICEF
Project design based on a thorough assessment of our client's needs and embedding innovative solutions to challenging situations. We have designed several assistance programmes in regional development and enterprise restructuring for the European Commission and the Department for International Development (UK).

Project management involving assistance for the implementation of various initiatives. This spans from providing analytical techniques and tools to supporting the process of decision-making, planning, monitoring and control. It also involves the design of dissemination strategies and development of policies and programmes.

Evaluations of programmes, projects, tender proposals and grant aid schemes, focussed on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability aspects. Attention is primarily put on identifying the net impact of a particular initiative in terms of additionality, multipliers, displacement and substitution. An example is the ex-post evaluation of the human resources development component of 1998 Phare "Regional Development and Cohesion Programme".
"We were very satisfied about the way Promeso carried out the evaluation of the Phare 1998 programme. The assignment included a lot of activities: from collection of documents and related analysis to evaluation of projects in the field, interview with stakeholders, production of the report and its dissemination. Everything was done very professionally and also taking into account the sensitivity of the assignment. Your performance was above average: we got good value for money. Many reccommendations have been taken into account in programming of Phare HRD 2000 in Romania and we also tried to make good use of this experience in the implementation of EU programmes in Turkey",Milena Corradini, Country Manager, European Training Foundation (Italy)
"We are pleased to confirm every time, to everyone that your advisory service was highly professional in every aspect. [...] The board of "Podul" was highly satisfied about strictly keeping the previous timetable. We were surprised that you even did more than we agreed together. Your final report was highly professional as we are able to compare with Swiss standards. We could and would recommend Promeso to everyone else. Thank you again, it was really a big pleasure working with you.",Irmgard Meier, Board member, Podul – Die Br ü cke ( Switzerland )
Studies and reports in the area of employment measures, social exclusion, social policy, human resources development, education and training. "European Current Practices for the Inclusion of Roma Population through Education, Training and Employment Initiatives" is one of the numerous studies carried out by our team.

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