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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

Camelia Gheorghe

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Camelia Gheorghe is specialised in organisational development, project management, European policies and financing instruments, including Structural Funds. She worked as Programme Manager for Social Policy and Human Resources at the European Commission Delegation in Bucharest and as expert at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Camelia holds a university degree in economics and post-graduate studies in social policy at Oxford University. She is currently doing a doctorate at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest on current practices in the evaluation of European programmes and projects. Camelia is member of the European Evaluation Society.

Rik Allaert


Rik Allaert is currently Managing Director of ROB Montage, a Flemish piping company for chemical and petrochemical industry. His areas of expertise are project management both in the industrial and social sector, budgeting and cost monitoring. Rik received a Master degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the Vlerick School of Management (University of Ghent, Belgium).

Marian Gheorghe

Co-founder, Management Consultant

Marian Gheorghes areas of expertise include business development, marketing and environment protection. He received a university degree in trade economics at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Marian also serves as Treasurer of the company.

Mihaela Dumitrescu

Trainer in European affairs and project management

Mihaela Dumitrescu is a professional trainer in European affairs, Structural Funds, project cycle management, strategic planning and public procurement. Mihaela holds a certificate in project management at Codecs and a Master in international relations and European integration at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies.

Victoria Goldenberg-Vaida

Trainer and consultant in financial management

Victoria Goldenberg-Vaida is specialised in Structural Funds, financial management, cost-benefit analysis and public procurement. Vic graduated the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and numerous training courses in Romania and abroad. Over the last 15 years, she has worked in international co-operation programmes as trainer and consultant. She was the Economic Director of FIMAN, CRIMM, National Agency for Regional Development and Water Training Centre. Vic is a respected and well-known consultant and trainer in Structural Instruments, especially in financing of complex investment projects in infrastructure, R&D and environment protection.

Maria Manda

Human resources trainer and consultant

Maria Manda has a significant experience in the design of project proposals for non-reimbursable funding, establishment of working methodology and management of the project team. Maria was involved in numerous processes of staff recruitment, selection, supervision, assessment and motivation and in delivering training courses during her work for Bucharest Archiepiscopy, ARAS, Foundation for Child Protection. Maria holds a bachelor degree in theology and social assistance and a Master in the Management of Social and Health Services. She is also a certified professional trainer.

Daniela Mihaita

Trainer and human resources consultant

Daniela Mihaita is a highly experienced trainer and consultant in communication, conflict resolution, group dynamics, team building, organisational management and organisational psychology. She has over 10 years experience in the co-ordination and delivery of Training-of-Trainers courses. Daniela has a bachelor degree in Sociology and a Master in Sociology of Communities and Organisations at the University of Bucharest.

Irina de Hillerin

Communication consultant and trainer

Irina de Hillerin is consultant and trainer in intra- and interpersonal communication, leadership, coaching, team building, emotional intelligence. She usually talks about herself as being "an idealist, who makes people laugh and feel great, well-read, without any business feel and an excellent family life". Irina holds two university degrees in Psychology and Letters and a Master in Human Resources. She delivered numerous training courses to both adults and children.

Sorin Faur

Trainer and consultant in organisational development

Sorin Faur has a long experience in organisational development, holding over the last 5 years the position of Head of the Recruitment Department, HR Director and Organisational Development Director of reputed international companies (Adecco, Ipsos Interactive Services). Sorin is also a well-known trainer in soft skills: communication, presentation skills, conflict resolution, negotiation and time management. Among its client companies figure Coca Cola, BCR, Codecs, Opel, Cora and Regional Development Agencies. He holds a Master in organisational psychology. He is also the author of the first Romanian book on memory development and of more than 120 articles on leadership and creativity, communication, negotiation and corporate decision-making process.

Cristian Paunica

Trainer in soft skills

Cristian Paunica is a professional trainer in group dynamics, emotional intelligence, coaching, negotiation, leadership, conflict management and communication. Since 2003, the European Centre for Workers Questions (EZA), Königswinter, Germany has included him in its pool of consultants. Cristian holds a bachelor degree in Psycho-Pedagogy at the University of Bucharest.

Madalina Puiu

Executive assistant

Madalina Puiu is in charge of the management information system of the company and production of project and corporate presentation materials. She holds a master degree in engineering.

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