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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

   Education and training
 Consultancy to Ministry of Administration and Interior
British Embassy, 2005

The Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior has been facing the challenges of the upcoming EU accession. New reforms adopted under Chapter 24 - Justice and Home Affairs urged profound organizational changes, both structural and functional. In this respect, the Ministry has requested technical and financial support from the British Embassy for coping with various management and technical challenges that have emerged mostly within its European Integration Department. Due to its extensive experience in public administration training, Promeso Consulting was contracted to undertake a training needs assessment within the first phase of technical assistance. As a result, it designed a complex training plan whose implementation is envisaged to start in 2006.

 Development of a Masterplan for a Vocational Training Platform in Romania
Flemish Government, 2000 -2001

The objective of the project was to develop a distance learning network aimed to improve the access to the labour market by aligning the available vocational education and training to the demand for educated labour.

PROMESO designed - together with a Flemish consultancy company - a strategic and operational masterplan for a distance learning platform in Romania. The platform was designed to contribute to a quicker deployment of up-to-date vocational education and training throughout the country and an improvement of the social support system by offering people a second chance to adjust themselves to the changing circumstances on the labour market.

 Ex-post evaluation of the Action Plan to Promote the Culture and Practice of Social Dialogue and of Participation of Civil Society
European Economic and Social Committee, European Training Foundation, 2002-2003

PROMESO carried out an ex-post evaluation of this project which was part of the Quick Start Measures approved under the Stability Pact.

Its overall objective was to foster the development of pluralist, democratic societies in the South-Eastern European countries by means of strengthening the capacities of social partners and non-governmental organisations to actively participate in the process of political, economic and social transformation. The target group of the project as established in each country or territory (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo) was composed of representatives of labour ministries, trade unions, entrepreneurs and civil society. Our evaluation assessed the projects relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. In this respect a questionnaire has been distributed and field visits were carried out. The final report contains recommendations for the improvement of future projects in social dialogue.

 Ex-post evaluation of the HRD Phare scheme European Commission
European Training Foundation, 2002

PROMESO carried out an ex-post evaluation of the Human Resources Development (HRD) component, Phare RO.98.07.01 Regional Policy and Cohesion Programme in Romania. The component aimed at developing the human resource basis within an integrated regional development context. Following two open calls for proposals in 1999 and 2000, 106 projects in human resources development were selected for a budget of 7 Meuro.

PROMESO analysed the appropriateness of selection criteria for programme's objectives, the level of consistency in their application, the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the HRD projects. The evaluation report also provided recommendations to the Ministry of Development and Prognosis (MDP) and the EC Delegation for the planning, design and implementation of future HRD funding schemes in Romania.

 Inclusion of Roma Population through Education, Training and Employment
European Training Foundation, 2000-2001

PROMESO co-ordinated a study aimed to map the current practices across Europe against the marginalisation and exclusion of Roma population using education, training and employment opportunities. The study aimed also to draw up policy recommendations for future actions at country/regional level, able to inspire European Social Fund - type measures within the Phare programming exercise and project proposals under the Stability Pact. PROMESO reviewed the practices in 25 countries (European Union and Central and Eastern Europe) and drew up policy recommendations in terms of transferability potential, building tolerance and social solidarity.

 Leave No Child Out
UNICEF, European Commission, 2003-2004

PROMESO co-ordinated the first phase of the project which sought to create an environment in which State and Non-State actors increasingly include children’s rights into democratic reform processes and strengthen the implementation of children’s rights for all children in the CEE/CIS region: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia and Montenegro, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

During the first year of the project, PROMESO carried out a needs assessment to inform the development of the project activities, contributed to the elaboration of a Child Rights Training and Advocacy Manual and supervised the organisation of five sub-regional trainings-of-trainers. It also developed two Directories of Child Rights Trainers and Child Rights Training Materials in the region (available for download at:

The target groups of the project included non-governmental organisations, key government staff and politicians, opinion-makers and children and young people themselves. The project was co-financed by the European Commission (“European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights”) and implemented by UNICEF in co-operation with the NGO/Unicef Regional Network for Children (RNC), the South-East European Child Rights Action Network (SEECRAN), the International Save the Children Alliance and the NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child. During the second phase, the project will continue with national training workshops and policy fora in all of the project countries.

 Local and Regional Partnership Development, North-East region
DFID - UK, 2003-2005

PROMESO managed the training programme for the North-East Regional Development Agency which included a diverse range of topics, as follows: interpersonal communication, strategic planning, institutional communication, project cycle management, time management, presentation skills, group dynamics and facilitation for partnership development, creative conflict resolution, European institutions and policies.

Our company has also delivered training courses to various local actors in Vaslui and Botosani counties in project design, project management, strategic planning, community self-organisation, social services delivery planning, monitoring and evaluation.

 Local and Regional Partnership Development, South Muntenia region
DFID - UK, 2002-2005

PROMESO was part of the implementation team of this project whose purpose was to assist the Regional Development Agency (RDA) in South Muntenia to encourage partnership development and feed into and participate in the regional planning process.

One of the main envisaged outputs was strengthened organisational capacity within South Muntenia RDA’s to carry out their responsibilities effectively. To this end, our company delivered RDA a multi-disciplinary training programme on data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, partnership development, community facilitation and empowerment, interpersonal and organisational communication, presentation skills and time management. It also delivered training courses in project design to partnership groups (local public administrations, decentralised services, NGOs and business) in each county of the region.

 On-line training courses to access Structural Funds
International Labour Organization and Romania Prime Minister Chancellery , 2006-2007

PROMESO Consulting provided two on-line training courses financed by the International Labour Organisation in partnership with Prime Minister's Chancellery, aimed: 1) to improve the knowledge of trainees concerning social inclusion concept and strategies with the support of CIARIS instrument (Centre for Informatic Apprenticeship and Resources in Social Inclusion,, and 2) to get the trainees familiar with the main phases of developing a project for European Social Fund financing, with special focus on social inclusion (Priority Axis 6 of SOP HRD). Courses lasted for 9 weeks each, including the week devoted to getting the trainees acquainted with the on-line platform, being preceded and followed by workshops and face-to-face feedback sessions. Towards the end of the training courses, 7 project proposals were drafted for European Social Fund financing. The trainees were government officials at national and local levels, non-governmental organisations, universities, social partners.

 Regional development training programme for South-East Regional Development Agency
European Commission, 2004-2005

Considering the fact that individuals are the key to institutional competitiveness, PROMESO Consulting designed a complex training programme addressed to the South-East Regional Development Agency (RDA), incorporating its long and medium term developmental objectives.

The training programme was tailored as to meet the RDA institutional development needs required for a successful implementation in the region of the economic and social cohesion policy and for an efficient management of EU instruments.

The training courses and workshops aimed to equip the RDA staff with key-knowledge and abilities for institutional development: communication, conflict resolution, time management, PCM, regional infrastructure project management, financial control and internal audit, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects, MIS.

 Social Inclusion of Ethnic Groups in the WBA through Education and Training: elements of good practice
European Training Foundation, 2007

This Study carried out by PROMESO Consulting aimed at contributing to capacity enhancement of the national stakeholders from Western Balkan (WBA) countries (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia) to address the causes of lower educational attainment, skill gaps and poor labour market outcomes of vulnerable ethnic groups and to design education and training policies and interventions which promote their social inclusion. The Study contextualises social inclusion policies in the WBA and checks whether sharing of experiences from EU and exchange of good practice among the WBA countries could be of support.

 Vocational Education and Training Against Social Exclusion
National VET Observatory, 2000

PROMESO co-ordinated the elaboration of the national report on the role vocational education and training should play in combating social exclusion. More specifically, the report developed a national concept on social exclusion, provided a comprehensive analysis of the present situation and grounded target group-specific policies and programmes that promote social inclusion at both national and local level.

The report was presented to Romanian decision-makers in an attempt to raise awareness on VET issues in the context of fight against marginalisation and social exclusion. The team, co-ordinated by PROMESO, included experts from the National VET Centre, the National Employment Agency, the National Agency for Regional Development (currently Ministry of Development and Prognosis), the Romanian Social Development Fund and the Federation of NGOs active in Child Protection. The study may be read using the link:

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