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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

   Social mitigation of enterprise restructuring
 Coal Sector Policy Support Programme, European Commission, 2009-2011

PROMESO Consulting has been part of an international consortium which provided technical assistance to the Ukrainian Government in order to develop and restructure the coal industry in a socially-responsible and cost-effective manner. Our company was involved in the assessment of the economic and social consequences of coal mining restructuring, recommendation of measures to mitigate the social costs of this process, development of a feasibility study for setting up a Fund for Social Development and training of community representatives in identifying and developing projects to improve the living standards of mine households and communities.

 Enterprise Restructuring and Employment Conversion RICOP
European Commission, 1999

PROMESO was involved in the design of the RICOP programme, which aimed to support the Government of Romania with the restructuring, privatisation and closure of loss-making enterprises. Our company assisted primarily in the development of outplacement and quick social response measures with a view to provide social support and employment opportunities to the people hardest hit by industrial restructuring. For more information on the RICOP programme, please consult:

 Romplumb Restructuring
European Commission, 2002

As sub-contractor of a British company, PROMESO was involved in developing an outplacement programme for the Romplumb workforce planned to be laid off in the next 2 years following the restructuring of the company. The programme included a complex range of activities, spanning from career counselling, job clubs, labour mediation and placement to entrepreneurial development and vocational training courses.

 Ukraine: State Measures and Local Initiatives for Re-employment
UK DFID, 2000-2001

Promeso implemented in co-operation with British consultants an Active Employment Measures Fund to enhance the employability of vulnerable groups living in the Kharkov and Lvov Oblasts and to promote the creation of sustainable jobs in new and existing businesses on the basis of locally-determined solutions and strategies. Our company promoted different outplacement initiatives, the setting up of business advisory centres, job exchange centres and delivery of vocational training and mediation services on the labour market.

The company was also involved in the development of local partnership capacity to implement, monitor and maximise use of resources for active employment measures.


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