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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

   Regional development and social cohesion
 A Solid Base for Coherent Local Strategic Planning and Implementation

British Government, 2007-2008

The project is financed by the British Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office “Reuniting Europe” Global Opportunities Fund and is implemented by Promeso Consulting and Strategic Planning & Development Ltd. (UK) with the support of the Central Unit for Public Administration Reform within the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, The Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing and the Association of Towns from Romania. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the capacity of local public authorities at town level to conduct coherent strategic planning processes and consistent public consultations, with a direct impact on the absorption capacity of Structural Funds. The project implementation phases are:

· Phase 1 (May - August 2007): a country-wide survey at towns level aimed to map the current distribution and quality of strategic development plans and the resources and processes involved in their preparation. The survey will have a direct impact on future implementation of the Operational Programme for Administrative Capacity Development 2007-2013 in Romania to support the key area of participatory strategic plans at cities and towns level. Results of the survey are posted here.

· Phase 2 (September 2007 - January 2008): consultancy to 8 pilot towns for the development of Urban Action Plans, as required for integrated actions under the Regional Operational Programme; training and support to the selected pilot towns for the development of the first Structural Funds applications under the Urban Priority of the Regional Operational Programme.

· Phase 3 (February - April 2008): promotional campaign and development of “Regeneration Guidelines” to disseminate “What Works” models that will help towns and cities develop Urban Development Plans and maximise their chances of attracting Structural Funds support.

 Guide for the Use of Social Indicators
Council of Europe, 2001

PROMESO was involved in the development of the Guidebook aimed to:
a) contribute to the operationalisation of the concept of social cohesion as it has been expressed by the Council of Europe in its Strategy for Social Cohesion;
b) support a more analytical approach to the use of indicators when addressing specific areas of interest;
c) create bridges between decision-making and academic research in the development and actual use of social indicators relevant to social cohesion efforts of the CoE’s Member States. In this respect, PROMESO provided invaluable support for the adaptation of indicators in order to make them relevant to the realities of Central and Eastern Europe. The Guide is available for download at:

 Local and Regional Partnership Development, South Muntenia region
DFID - UK, 2002-2005

PROMESO was part of the implementation team of this project whose purpose was to assist the Regional Development Agency (RDA) in South Muntenia to encourage partnership development and feed into and participate in the regional planning process. The envisaged outputs were: a) strengthened organisational capacity within South Muntenia RDA’s to carry out their responsibilities effectively; b) increased participation of communities in regional development planning and implementation; c) improved quality of information collection and interpretation for identifying regional development priorities; d) increased awareness within South Muntenia of the role and value of the RDA.

Our company developed a Partnership Framework and delivered a multi-disciplinary training programme to RDA and its regional partners. PROMESO contributed to developing the RDA Customer Policy and a Community Relief Map. Further technical assistance input from our company was focused on helping the RDA to go through a strategic planning process.

 Places to Be
UK DFID, 2001

PROMESO assessed the local and regional development needs to guide the assistance of DFID within a larger project on partnership development. The aim was to help local authorities in the north-eastern region of Romania to develop partnerships with the private sector and civil society, thus enabling them to better plan, manage and implement the use of available resources. PROMESO helped in the exploratory work which preceded the project whose purpose is to demonstrate how public bodies and other actors in poorer communities can effectively work together so as to stimulate economic growth, strengthen social capital and reduce social exclusion and poverty through an inclusive regional development process.

 Regional development training programme for South-East Regional Development Agency
European Commission, 2004-2005

Considering the fact that individuals are the key to institutional competitiveness, PROMESO Consulting designed a complex training programme addressed to the South-East Regional Development Agency (RDA), incorporating its long and medium term developmental objectives.

The training programme was tailored as to meet the RDA institutional development needs required for a successful implementation in the region of the economic and social cohesion policy and for an efficient management of EU instruments.

 Strategic planning for the social and economic development of Rodna commune
Rodna Local Council, 2006

Promeso facilitated a complex participatory strategic planning process in Rodna commune, Bistrita-Nasaud county, which resulted in the Strategic Plan for the Economic and Social Development of Rodna commune 2006-2010” and strengthened community capacity to set development priorities.

The strategic planning workshop was attended by representatives of Rodna’s most important institutions, private companies and citizens (including representatives of national minorities). The strategic planning process was logically structured so that each phase integrated the results of the previous phase and rational decision-making on community’s priority objectives was facilitated. 

The draft Strategic Development Plan, as resultrd following the workshop, was discussed the subject of public consultations and hearings at community level; the final version was approved through Local Council Decision.

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