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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

   Organizational development
 Cultural Dimension of Democracy
European Commission, 2000-2001

The objective of this Phare programme was to foster growth and modernisation in the cultural sector and to support Romania's participation in EU cultural programmes.

PROMESO was sub-contracted by an Italian consultancy company to design the Fund for the Development of Arts and Civil Society to provide financial support to selected innovative projects able to promote institutional development and sustainability of cultural services and industries, build co-operation habits, practices and ethnic tolerance in multi-cultural communities, develop exchanges of experience and co-operation between Romania and the EU and expand quality supply in culture through the dissemination of good practices gathered during projects implementation. It has also developed a training programme to improve management efficiency and develop human capital. It evaluated more than 100 innovative cultural projects submitted by a wide range of professionals working in the Ministry of Culture, county cultural inspectorates and munici palities, cultural and arts practitioners with managerial positions in institutions belonging to the Ministry of Culture, civic cultural organisations and private cultural industries.

 Investing in Social Partnership
British Council, 2005-2006

The project encouraged the engagement of employers and other social partners, through the newly- established Sector Committees, in definition and validation of occupational and training standards under the co-ordination of the National Adult Training Board (NATB). The Sector Committees were set up on the basis of an agreement between representative organisations from the respective sector, especially employers’ organisations and businessmen. One of the priorities of the IT&C and Post Office Committee and Tourism, Hotels and Restaurants Committee was to define a clear orientation regarding their strategic development and an action plan for 2006 with detailed activities, resources and performance indicators. The project addressed this need by organising two participatory strategic planning workshops for these Sector Committees which were facilitated by PROMESO Consulting.

 Local and Regional Partnership Development, North-East and South Muntenia regions
DFID - UK, 2002-2005

PROMESO was part of the implementation team of this project which assisted the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in North-East and South Muntenia to strengthen their organisational capacity in order to deliver effectively their responsibilities in the region.

Apart from a complex training operation, further technical assistance input from our company was focused on helping the two RDAs to go through a strategic planning process. This process was approached from two distinct perspectives: instrumental and developmental, and therefore conceived in 2 phases.

As strategic planning is basically a management tool, the 1st workshop was targeted to the RDA management team and was focused on developmental elements, such as visioning and missioning, identification of key-issues and setting strategic development objectives for 2004-2006. These were based on different analyses, most notably the stakeholders’ analysis. The 2nd workshop was attended by the entire staff of the Agency and it was aimed to ensure that all members of the organization are working towards the same goals. The focus was put on the instrumental approach of the strategic planning: what to do? and how to do it? It also focused on generating staff ownership upon the workshop outcomes and enforce commitment to RDA vision and mission. Corporate culture and values were also subject for discussion and reflection during the working sessions.

 Programming and Implementation of Pre-Accession Support for Phare ESC and Transition to Structural Funds
European Commission, 2005

Promeso Consulting was part of this project whose purpose was to improve the capacity of Ministry of European Integration, the 8 Regional Development Agencies and potential beneficiaries in programming, implementation and management of Phare ESC and ERDF type of projects.

PROMESO provided consultancy in carrying out a strategic job analysis aimed to generate solutions towards increasing work efficiency within the General Directorate for Regional Policy of the Ministry of European Integration and prepare it for its future role of Managing Authority for Structural Funds. Areas of overlapping responsibility and job load were identified. Jobs' extra tasks, jobs with double subordination and the current and needed skill level were analysed. Our involvement consisted also in the provision of experienced trainers in project appraisal for the numerous training courses organised in the country for potential beneficiaries of European financing. 

 Regional development training programme for South-East Regional Development Agency
European Commission, 2004-2005

In the context of this larger project aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the South-East Regional Development Agency (RDA), our company organised a strategic planning workshop with the management team of the Agency. The workshop aimed to identify the RDA strategic development directions for 2005-2007 and to outline an operational plan for 2005. 

During the workshop, the management team of South-East RDA went through a series of stages, from stakeholders’ analysis, SWOT analysis and evaluation of the past and current programmes, projects, services and resources to visioning, reformulation of the mission statement, identification of the key issues, strategic objectives and strategies for 2005-2007, operational planning and development of a contingency plan.

 The RSDF Development Perspectives. An Assessment regarding the Organizational Sustainability of RSDF
World Bank, 2006

The Study “The RSDF Development Perspectives. An Assessment regarding the Organizational Sustainability of RSDF” has been carried out during the period March-July 2006 by PROMESO Consulting and had two major objectives:

·         identification of required RSDF policies and organisational adjustments to improve the implementation of its ongoing and prospective programmes

·         positioning of RSDF within the institutional make-up of social development programmes to be implemented in Romania as from 2007

The analyses undertaken to back the Study (RSDF Institutional Capacity Assessment, Stakeholders’ Analysis, Analysis of RSDF Activity and Resources, SWOT Analysis, Donors’ Programmes Review) and the strategic decisions taken during the strategic planning workshop informed the RSDF development alternatives materialised in three Business Plans.

A brief summary of the conclusions of the study may  be downloaded from: 

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