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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

   Social protection for vulnerable groups
 Evaluation of the Project

PROMESO carried out the final evaluation of the project, financed by "Die Brucke", a Swiss association and implemented in Romania by A.R.M.S. Foundation. Target group of this project was composed of young girls living in the street and girls under the risk of ending up in the street. The project aimed to reintegrate these girls by providing vocational training in sewing, job counselling and mediation and facilitation of transition to an independent life through social housing arrangements.

PROMESO evaluated the relevance, efficiency and impact of the project and provided recommendations for the continuation of that initiative.

 Human Resources Development Strategy
Romanian Government, 1999 - 2002

PROMESO was co-author of the strategy, which is a component part of the National Development Plan of Romania. It was mainly involved in the chapter on social inclusion which details the causes of social exclusion and the groups of population which are mostly affected. Suggestions of remedial action are related to better priorities setting, alleviation of poverty, job creation and employability, observance of human rights, education for democratic citizenship, promotion of social networks and partnerships. The co-ordination of the strategy development was entrusted to the National VET Observatory.

The strategy can be downloaded from:
 Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF)
World Bank, UK DFID, 2001-2003

The Fund targets the poorest communities in Romania, especially those based in rural areas. In order to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Fund and develop its anti-poverty strategic role, DFID (UK) commissioned in 2001 the design of a technical assistance facility.

PROMESO participated in an international consortium which developed the Project Memorandum, the document which was the basis of DFID assistance to the Fund. Our company was also in charge of contributing to the decentralisation of the Fund's operations in line with the regional development policy in Romania. A branch has been set up and operating since September 2002. We reviewed together with a team of British experts the set up of the Branch and its initial operation in order to provide
a) Guidelines for the establishment of additional branches in terms of good practice and potential pitfalls to be avoided;
b) an RSDF-applied, analytical framework for formative evaluation as the Branch activities continue and expand;
c) preparation for the World Bank evaluation of the Branch and the RSDF decentralisation process.

 Sasca Hospital-Home, Blijdorp Romania
Flemish Government, 1999-2000

With a view to share the Flemish experience in social protection with regions in Romania, the Flemish Government mobilised important technical and financial support to Suceava county in order to alleviate the distress of institutionalised children with severe mental handicap. PROMESO monitored the project in Sasca Hospital Home. It provided advice to local authorities for the setting up of a day care centre in Suceava. It has co-managed with "Functioneel Revalidatiecentrum voor gehandicapten van de streek van Dendermonde, Blijdorp" (Belgium) the project during its early phases of implementation and contributed to the empowerment of local authorities to take it over in the coming period.

 Support to County Commissions for Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion
DFID - UK, 2005

Promeso Consulting was part of the technical assistance team of the project financed by the Department for International Development of the British Government. The project aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the County Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion Commissions (CJASPIS) from 3 pilot counties: Alba, Bistrita-Nasaud and Caras-Severin. The project included a Training Course in Communication and Group Dynamics for the Technical Secretariats of CJASPIS, Awareness Raising Seminars on anti-poverty and social inclusion issues at regional, national and European level and Strategic Planning Workshops aimed to support CJASPIS in the elaboration of the County Anti-Poverty Plan 2005-2008. The project was an example of good practice whose results were disseminated across the other counties of Romania.


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