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PROMESO Consulting is a member of RONAT "The Romanian Network of Training Providers for Public Administration"



Consultancy and training services for getting access to non-reimbursable European funds

Participant's testimonials:

“The course organised by Promeso Consulting was carried out in a professional manner both from the perspective of training curriculum (programming of Structural Funds, design of projects for Structural Funds financing, project team, financial planning) and training delivery: 4 project ideas were identified for the 4 working groups which prepared the documentation indicated in the request for financing. In my view, the success of the course was due to the experience of trainers acquired over years in major pre-accession financing projects and ex-post evaluations of European programmes as well as in the delivery of trainings to different authorities/ministries”, Stefania Lungu, Operations Manager, BCR

„Interweaving of practical presentations with discussions, debates, case studies and practical team work, as well as the professionalism of the trainers were the characteristics of the course “Increasing the Absorption Capacity of Structural Funds” recently organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest in collaboration with Strategic Planning & Development and Promeso Consulting [...]. The training team included trainers certified in European affairs and project management. They have worked within the European Commission and have supervised, led and evaluated projects amounting to hundreds of millions of Euro, being also experienced in working with Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies of the European programmes. Participants have particularly appreciated the professionalism of trainers and their modern pedagogical methods”, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest (excerpt from press release, 31 May 2007)

“Given the fact that a pharmacist knows perfectly well the meaning of quality and communication capacity, she is best suited to confirm that the course on Structural Funds proved the professionalism of PROMESO”, Irina Hadadea, development responsible, Montero

“Due to the training course “Increasing the Absorption Capacity of Structural Funds” organised by Promeso Consulting and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest, I managed to improve and update my knowledge. Most important, my capacity to deal with complex issues, which are rather untouchable at first sight, has been considerably strengthened”, Aurelia Catrina, marketing director, Nuclear Petrochim Montaj

“The training course “Increasing the Absorption Capacity of Structural Funds” organised by Promeso Consulting and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest was an outstanding and interesting course, mainly due to trainers who structured very well the training content and managed to facilitate communication with them and amongst us all. I am convinced that all trainees will make use in their professional life of the knowledge acquired at this training course”, Alexandra Sora, project manager, Senior Software

„We got a prompt, efficient and specific response from Promeso Consulting to our request for training. The course “Management. Logistics in action” approached management in its key-competences: leadership and decision making, planning, organisation, co-ordination and control, managerial communication and negotiation skills. Each participant had the opportunity to find out and reflect on his own style of decision making, leadership and issues settling. The trainers succeeded to actively involve all participants and to imprint dynamism to the course. The willingness of trainees and trainers to jointly identify solutions to several problems encountered in daily work has also contributed to the success of the course. The trainees expressed satisfaction as to learning about new things in a relaxed and stimulating training environment”, Monica Toni, Manager HR Employment Relations Mediplus – A&D Pharma

“Business consultancy means, among others, working with information. Everything is simpler when you get information from professionals. What can I say about “Project evaluation and selection” training course delivered by Promeso Consulting? Four words: useful, concrete, efficient and effective. And about the trainers: professionals”, Constantin Ciobanu, Managing Director, Association of Businessmen Iasi 2003

“Among the training modules organised within the framework of the Programming and Implementation of Pre-Accession Support for Phare ESC and Transition to Structural Funds Project, the most interesting for me was “Project appraisal and selection” delivered by Mihaela Dumitrescu from PROMESO Consulting and Edoardo Burlini, international trainer. I would like to thank the trainers for their professionalism and for the quality and quantity of information they shared with us. I had a lot to gain”, Natalia Tarachiu, Head of Finance and Project Management Department, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

“The impact of the training courses upon the Agency’s staff was very good not only in terms of a visible improvement of knowledge but also in terms of a change in attitudes which was beneficial to the delivery of our mission [...]. We thus recommend PROMESO Consulting for its professionalism displayed over the entire collaboration with us”, Liviu Musat, Director, Regional Development Agency South-Muntenia.

“PROMESO Consulting is part of the Local and Regional Partnership Development Project implementation team, being mainly in charge of delivering a multi-disciplinary training programme to the Regional Development Agencies from North-East and South Muntenia and their partners. We share the view of the participants about the high effectiveness level of the training programme. PROMESO Consulting is a professional and reliable partner to undertake long-run activities towards successful outcomes.” Bob Napier, DFID First Development Secretary, British Embassy in Bucharest.

“Due to the nature of my activities I have implemented many projects until now. Nevertheless, the Project Management training course helped me to enhance and structure my knowledge on the matter. If I were to start a new project tomorrow, I would be able to apply the lessons learnt within this training course.” Iulian Miliare, mayor of Berezeni commune, Vaslui county.

“Due to its practical approach, the Project Design training course organized by Promeso was the most useful course I have ever attended. I have nice memories related to the quality of lectures and the fine trainer’s personality”, Mihaela Visoiu, Deputy Managing Director, Co-ordination and Organization Directorate, Ialomita County Council.

“The Project Design training course was useful and interesting. Useful because we are too poor to overlook existing financing opportunities. And interesting because it provided us with important information in a friendly and accessible way!”, Rodica Ciobanu, Managing Director, Association “Education for 3rd Millenium”, Giurgiu.

“The ongoing training programme 2003-2004 for the staff of the Agency […] is provided by PROMESO Consulting from Bucharest. The careful  preparation, good organization, modern training methods and trainers’ professionalism made the impact to date of these training courses on Agency’s staff to be very good”, excerpt from the Newsletter no.1/2004 of the Regional Development Agency North-East.


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